Legislative Efforts

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Across the nation, individuals in many states have been writing to and meeting with their legislators regarding adverse reactions to Gardasil. If you agree there is an urgent need for Congress to hear the people on this issue, please sign this petition:

The efficacy of Gardasil to prevent cervical cancer has never been validated. Post-licensure monitoring of Gardasil as required by law to verify clinical benefits of the HPV vaccine has not occurred. This has prompted a team of concerned citizens, including this writer, to draft letters to senior scientists in the government. We demand that they comply with the law and immediately implement an effective monitoring program to reassure the public that we are not receiving HPV vaccination for no confirmed benefit.

Letter to Dr. Markowitz requesting immediate implementation of reliable post-licensure monitoring of Gardasil.

Response letter from Dr. Markowitz

Counter response to Dr. Markowitz-evidence lacking

You are encouraged to send copies of these letters to the respective scientists as well as to your legislators. For legislators, include a personal cover letter such as follows:

Letter to Senator Mikulski requesting follow up to ensure the CDC complies with the law. Copied to Senator Cardin.

Let your voice be heard. 


In Maryland, in February, 2010, Representative Wade Kach sponsored House Bill 411. This bill extended the sunset date for the Statewide Vaccine Advisory Committee and added a consumer representative to the committee. In addition, there was a provision to mandate state-wide public hearings on Gardasil as a precursor to a report to be sent to the Governor. The purpose of the hearings would have been to determine if consumers were being adequately informed of the risks and benefits of Gardasil. While HB411 passed, this important mandate was stripped from the bill. Below is a copy of statements from two consumers who testified in support of passing HB411 with the mandated hearings provision.
Statement presented Feb 16, 2010 by Emily Tarsell before the Health and Government Operations Committee of the Maryland General Assembly
Statement submitted February 16, 2010 by Katherine Davison to the Health and Government Operations Committee of the Maryland General Assembly
As incredible as it may seem, Gardasil injections for sixth grade girls are mandatory in Washington, D.C. Coalitions of concerned citizens testified in April at the District's Finance Committee hearings. Among those giving testimony opposing mandatory Gardasil vaccinations and supporting freedom of choice and informed concent were representatives from www.noHPVshots4me.com , representatives from NVIC, as well as other groups and private citizens. This citizen's statement is attached below.
Statement presented April 21, 2010 by Emily Tarsell before the Washington D.C.Finance Committee